E passport check bd online ( step-by-step )

In this post, I will discuss how to check the e passport bd online. Did you apply for a new passport and want to know when you will get your passport? But you are not getting any information about your passport. Then you can easily check the e-passport status by following the steps below.

E passport check bd online ( step-by-step )

E passport check bd online ( step-by-step )

E-passport can be filled online by following some simple steps.

Introduction to E-passport

E-passport is a passport with an electronic chip, which contains the information stored in the data page of the passport. The use of e-passport is to add additional safety and security to regular passports.

Along with machine readable passports (MRP), e-passports have been introduced in Bangladesh since 2010. Since then, the Department of Immigration and Passports has issued more than 1.9 million machine readable passports (MRP) and more than 1.5 million e-passports in Bangladesh.

There are a total of 40 immigration points in Bangladesh, where e-passports can be used. And there are more than 150 countries where our citizens can use e-passports without a visa.

e passport check bd online

There are many people in this country who do not know how to check the e-passport online. They can get their passport within 30 minutes by going to the passport office. The online passport process is very easy. If you want to check your e-passport details or want to get your passport, you can easily get it by following this information.

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How to check e passport check bd online

Step 1: Open the following link from your mobile browser or computer browser. Link: passport.gov.bd or type www.passport.gov.bd in the search bar

Passport check

Step 2: This is a verified website to check Bangladesh Passport, after clicking on the website you have to click on the option. Then enter the slip number of the passport office and your date of birth and click on submit button.

E passport check bd online ( step-by-step )

Third easy step: In this step I am providing a link to pass the most to check the port.

Link: https://www.epassport.gov.bd/authorization/application-status

E passport check bd online ( step-by-step )

Check passport online

You will need to provide some information to determine this link.

  • Passport office slip number.
  • Your date of birth.

Then you have to click on submit button

The next page will show you the correct information, such as your passport and how long it will take to get it, etc.

How To Apply For Bangladesh e-Passport Online?

E passport check bd online ( step-by-step )

1. Go to the website: www.passport.gov.bd

2. From this website you can apply for new passport, renewal of passport, additional pages of passport and lost passport.

3. You don't have to fill any paper form or submit any photo as you can use your NID photo on your online application form.

4. Fill in the online form and click "Submit". After that you will get an SMS with your Application Serial Number (ASN) and a system generated Password (PW). Your ASN & PW will be required to complete the payment process through any bank or using mCash.

5. Pay the fee by going to the nearest active e-payment service point including Banks (Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd., Dhaka Bank Ltd., Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., BRAC Bank Ltd., Southeast Bank Ltd., Prime Bank Ltd., City Bank Ltd., United Commercial Bank Ltd.) or using mCash from Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink & Airtel SIMs.

6. Submit the payment slip to any one of the following Passport Offices within next 30 days in case of Normal Service or within next 7 days in


Thanks to this step by step explanation on how to check passport online. You can use these sites as a guide to help your family and friends with any questions they may have about the passport process. Use passport.gov.bd and type www.passport.gov.bd in the search bar, after that you have to click on the app option and enter the slip number of the passport office and your date of birth and click on submit button. Link: https://www.epassport.gov.bd/authorization/application-status You can also follow the link above to get the information that you need. Check your passport online.

I did this article to help many people. Bangladesh passport verification is not a problem. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write in the comments section.

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