How to Check Mobile Number of GP, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel?

You can check all operator code of your mobile number here. Knowing your number is very important. Sometimes, we forget our phone numbers for different reasons.  What happens if you forgot your number when you are in the middle of chatting with your friends on the phone. Fortunately, there is a solution for that too. You can check your own number by dialing a USSD code. .

In Bangladesh, there are five mobile operators. These include Grameephone – GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel and Teletalk.  I’m going to show you how to check mobile number of GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel and Teletalk. It’s pretty simple. First of all, you need to use your computer or smartphone to call the number. If you get through, then you know that the number is for GP, Robi, Airtel or Teletalk. All the mobile companies keep a system to check your own mobile number.

How to Check GP Number?

Grameenphone is well-known as GP in Bangladesh. If you are a SIM holder of Grameenphone Grameenphone is a mobile phone company in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1997 by a Bangladeshi banker. The name is a combination of the word "Grameen" and the word "phone". you can check the number by dialling USSD code to check own number. The USSD Code is *2# and *111*8#.

How to Check GP Number , gp number check

How to Check Robi Number?

Robi is the second largest mobile operators in Bangladesh. The company is Robi Axiata Berhad. Robi is the second largest mobile operators in Bangladesh. Robi Axiata Berhad is the parent company of Robi Limited, Robi Telecom, & Robicom. You might want to know its number, you can check the number by dialing USSD code.  Robi's mobile number can be checked by dialing The USSD Code *140*2*4#.

How to Check Robi Number , robi number check

How to Check Banglalink Number?

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd (BDCL), the mobile service provider of Bangladesh, is a leading mobile operator.  You can check the number by dialing USSD code.  It is a largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. Thus, there are certain steps that you need to follow. You can check the number by dialing USSD code. To check the own Banglalink number, you can dial *511#. It is the way to find Banglalink Number information..

How to Check Banglalink Number , Banglalink Number check

How to Check Teletalk Number?

Teletalk is the government own telecom operators of Bangladesh. Teletalk mobile operator is used for different purposes like admission form, result checking, job application.  The call rate and other services are great. To check teletalk number just dial *551#.

How to Check Teletalk Number , Teletalk Number check

How to Check Airtel Number?

Airtel is a company in Bangladesh which provides telecom services. It is a company which has previously been known as Warid. To check the Airtel number, dial *121*7*3#.

How to Check Airtel Number , Airtel Number check

Check Airtel, Banglalink, Gp, Robi and Teletalk Number

In the above section,  We have already explained all the processes of number checking in a nutshell. So, what are the basics of number checking?  The answer to this question is,  Yes, you should know about the basics of number checking.  This is because there are certain conditions that must be met before you can do Number-checking. Number-checking is done to check for any type of fraud or scam.

Check Airtel, Banglalink, Gp, Robi and Teletalk Number

Check your own mobile number by dialing the following codes

  1. Robi (018)  *140*2*4#
  2. Airtel (016)  *121*7*3#
  3. GrameenPhone (017)  *2# or *111*8*
  4. Banglalink (019)  *511#
  5. Teletalk (015)  *551#

This is a unique system to check mobile numbers. A system that is owned by GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel & Teletalk Operators of Bangladesh.You can phone on customer care for more details.  Thank you for staying with us.  If there is any problem to check Gp, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi and Teletalk number just comment below.

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